Love Khaos

Love Khaos [Khaos pronounced like Chaos] is an extraordinary, free spirited, fun focused American brand based in London and San Francisco independently designed and created by Lauryn Strobel.

Lauryn, Artist turned Designer, dreams up and actualizes the fantasy fashion that our everyday lives crave and our party lives demand.

With a unique approach to fashion, Love Khaos, makes its own rules about production and style. In a world full of conformity we're here to break the mould.

We believe fashion should be individual and expressive, so in order to maintain exclusivity and prevent everyone from showing up to events in the same thing, Love Khaos releases limited edition or completely one of a kind pieces monthly instead of seasonally. Each piece is originally handmade in London by the designer herself.

We know you party hard so we make clothes that party hard with you. Quality is what truly matters because no one wants a disaster of a mess that falls apart. We make pieces that last from dusk 'til dawn every day and night you go out and dance for your life.

Wearing a piece by Love Khaos is wearing a piece of art, uniquely crafted with love, creativity and excitement to suit your wildest fashion fantasies.

Love Khaos: Love What You Love Without Hesitation.