Professional Career in Costume for Theatre, Film and Television

After obtaining my degree in Costume Design at The Wimbledon School Of Art in London, I have subsequently enjoyed an extensive international career in the costume industry. I have designed and supervised productions in the UK, USA, Canada, India, Israel, Spain, Monaco, France, Germany, Belgium, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand.

During my career I have successfully undertaken a range of costume roles covering a wide variety of productions, including opera, ballet, contemporary dance, musical theatre, contemporary and period drama, mass participation events, feature film and television. I have worked with many internationally recognised, prestigious companies including The Royal National Theatre, The National Youth Theatre, Warner Bros Entertainment, Fremantle Media and the BBC.

My diverse, international experience has enabled me to develop a vast knowledge of the field of costume and a broad understanding of the performing arts industry throughout the world. My exposure to differing cultural influences and practices has not only enhanced my costume design and realisation skills but has also equipped me with the ability to adapt to new environments and challenging circumstances with ease and confidence.

I believe that I am a valuable asset to any production, able to bring the benefit of my rich, varied knowledge and experience, alongside a lifelong passion for costume and the performing arts to the production team. Committed and hardworking with strong creative, practical and organisational skills, I have the drive, energy and enthusiasm required to excel in all roles that I undertake.

Below are some of my stage and screen credits. You can also visit my Linked In profile for more information and links to some of the companies I have worked with. You can view a selection of photographs from some of the productions I have costumed here. 


 Costume for Screen

  • Costume Coordinator for ‘Neighbours’ at Fremantle Media- Jan 2019- Present
  • Neighbours is a Australia’s longest running television series and is broadcast in over fifty countries worldwide. Costume Designer; Nicholas Wakerley
  • Costume Supervisor for ‘Bloom’; Playmaker Media and Stan Australia- July 2018-October 2019
  • Bloom is a ‘Stan Originals’ supernatural drama series shot on location in Victoria. Directed by John Curran & Mat King; Costume Designer; Zed Dragojlovich. With Jacki Weaver, Bryan Brown, Pheobe Tonkin and Ryan Corr.
  • Costume Supervisor for ‘Blood Vessel’; Wicked Of Oz Studios- April 2018-July 2018
  • Blood Vessel is a WW2 Horror Feature Film shot on location in Melbourne. Directed by Justin Dix; Costume Designer; Zed Dragojlovich. With Nathan Phillips, Vanessa Sutherland, Christopher Kirby and Robert Taylor.
  • Assistant Costume Designer for ‘Neighbours’ at Fremantle Media- July 2015-July 2016
  • Costume Designer; Paul Warren
  • Costume Supervisor for ‘Neighbours’ at Fremantle Media. Jan 2012- July 2015
    • Costume Designer; Paul Warren
  • Costume Supervisor for ‘Dying for A Laugh’ Mezzanine Films.November 2016
    • Comedy Short Film following the story of a fictional once well known stand up comedian. Directed by Stig Wemyss, produced by Alan Fletcher & Abbe Holmes
  • Costume Standby; ‘The Lost World’- BBC, London, March 2002.
    • Feature Length Adaptation of the Arthur Conan Doyle novel. With Peter Falk, Bob Hoskins, Matthew Rhys & Edward Fox.
  • Costume Designer; ‘A Shearing’ NFTS Productions, July 2002.
    • Short film shot on location in Wales. Romantic drama.
  • Costume Maker; ‘Troy’ - Warner Bro’s Productions - April-July 2003.
    • Feature film based on the Ancient Greek legend of Troy. Costume Designer by Bob Ringwood. Directed by Wolfgang Peterson. Nominated for an Academy Award for ‘Best Costume Design’

 Costume for Stage

      Costume Designer & Supervisor

  • ‘Le Cabaret- Spice’ - Societe des Bains de Mer & Spirit Productions, Casino de Monte Carlo, September-December 2010.
    • Cabaret show, featuring Burlesque, Dance, Acrobatic& Aerial performance for HRH Prince Albert and the Casino de Monte Carlo’s exclusive members club. Director/Choreographer; Michael Rand and Alan Harding
  • ‘Man In The Mirror’ - Spirit Productions,Fallsview Casino at Niagara Falls & USA Tour, May-July 2010.
    • Michael Jackson Tribute Show. Stylised, contemporary dance. Director/Choreographer; Director/Choreographer; Neil Dorward & Emma Rogers.
  • ‘The King Of Rock & Roll’ - Spirit Productions, The Sporting, Monte Carlo- May-July 2009.
  • 1950’s inspired musical performance and dance. Director/Choreographer; Neil Dorward
  • ‘All You Need Is Love’ - Spirit Productions, UK Tour, July-September 2008.
    • 1960’s inspired musical performance and dance. Director/Choreographer; Neil Dorward
  • ‘Solid Gold Motown’ - Spirit Productions, Fallsview Casino at Niagara Falls, January 2008.
    • Motown inspired musical performance. Director/Choreographer; Neil Dorward
  • ‘Can’t Buy Me Love’ - Spirit Productions, UK Tour, July-September 2007.
    • The Beatles Tribute Show. Director/Choreographer; Neil Dorward
  • ‘Dancing Queen’ - Spirit Productions. Original costume design for The Sporting, Monte Carlo and UK Tour. Subsequent supervision of over 20 further productions of this show worldwide including the USA, Canada, China, Dubai and Europe. Now a resident show in Las Vegas.
    • High octane dance and musical performance based on the music of Abba. Director/Choregrapher; Alan Harding
  • ‘The Day After Tamara’ & ‘Waiting For God Knows’ - London Talent- Bigfoot Theatre Company and the Department for Education, at The Old Vic, July 2004. Riverside Studios, July 2003.
    • Contemporary drama and costume.
  • ‘Agamemmnon’- The Steam Industry at The Scoop Amphitheatre, London, June-July 2004.
    • Drama set in Ancient Greece. Directed by Phil Wilmott
  • Androcles & The Lion’- The Steam Industry at The Scoop Amphitheatre, London, June-July 2004.
    • Drama set in Ancient Greece. Directed by Phil Wilmott

Costume Supervisor

  • ‘Park Avenue Cat’ - Therapy Theatre, The Arts Theatre, London- July 2011.
    • Play following the love triangle of a contemporary L.A. ’30 somethings’.
  • Hansel & Gretel’ - Wakefield Theatre Royal, March 2009.
    • Classic fairy tale in contemporary and fantasy costume.
  • ‘Le Grande Cirque’ - Spirit Productions. Costume Supervisor and partial costume design for the original UK tour, January 2007.
    • Acrobatic Circus show, fantastical circus costumes. This show has since enjoyed three extremely successful runs at the Sydney Opera House in Australia.
  • ‘Spirit Of Christmas’ - Spirit Productions. Costume Supervisor and partial costume design. Subsequent supervision of over 10 further productions of this show worldwide, 2006-2008.
    • Christmas Musical and dance show.
  • ‘Spirit Of The Dance’ - Spirit Productions. Over 30 UK & International productions, 2006-2008.
    • Dance show featuring Irish, Salsa, Tango, Scottish, Flamenco, Street and Modern Jazz
  • ‘Spirit Of Broadway’ - Spirit Productions. Over 10 UK & International productions, 2006-2008.
    • Musical and dance performance inspired by all the great Broadway Musicals.
  • ‘Can’t Stop Loving You’ - Spirit Productions. 3 International productions, 2006-2008.
    • Ray Charles Tribute show. Blend of period and contemporary costume.
  • ‘The Twelve Irish Tenors’ - Spirit Productions. 5 UK productions, 2006- 2008.
    • Musical performance featuring twelve vocalists.

  Costume Department

  • Deputy Head of Costume at The National Youth Theatre Of GreatBritain- Seasons 2009, 2010 & 2011
    • The National Youth Theatre of Great Britain is a world-leading youth arts organisation. Established in 1956 as the world’s first youth theatre, we have nurtured the talent of hundreds of thousands of young people over 60 years.Alumni include Helen Mirren, Daniel Craig, Daniel Day Lewis, Rosamund Pike and many more.
    • The costume department at the National Youth Theatre realises costumes for the all of the NYT shows, whilst also functioning as an extremely valuable learning environment for young persons interested in careers in costume by giving them the opportunity to assist with this process and mentoring them throughout. Head Of Costume; Richard Gellar; Costume Designers; Chloe Lamford, James Button.
  • Shows for The National Youth Theatre
  • ‘Slick’- Site Specific mass participation performance. Parkhill Estate, Sheffield, September 2011.Cast of 300 lead the audience through a ship onto an island of recycled plastic, culminating in a spectacluar finale involving aerial performance and tribal dance routines.
  • ‘Orpheus & Eurydice’ - The Old Vic Tunnels, August 2011. An original operetta staging of the ancient Greek myth with music by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds.
  • Our Days Of Rage’- Promenade Performance at The Old Vic Tunnels, August 2011.Powerful original drama charting four decades of political turmoil in Libya under the Gaddafi regime and the ongoing threat of riots and terrorism in London.
  • Relish’- The Tramshed, August 2010.New drama based on the biography ’Relish’ of Alexis Sawyer, the World’s first ‘celebrity’ chef.
  • ‘S’warm’- Outdoor mass participation performances at various landmark sites throughout London. August 2010.A cast of 800 perform around London, commencing with a major performance at the Battersea Power Station and culminationg in a finale at Canary Wharf.
  • ‘Living The Dream’- UK Pavilion, Shanghai World Expo & Outside Tate Modern, London South Bank-July- August 2010.Original drama based upon a ‘Midsummer Nights Dream’.
  • ‘Cymbeline’- The Arts Theatre, September 2009.Shakespearean Drama.
  • ‘Fastburn’- The Scoop, London, September 2009.Outdoor original drama.
  • ‘Tits/Teeth’, ‘Eye/Balls’ and ‘Foot/Mouth’- In rep at The Soho Theatre, August 2009.Three original plays.
  • Head Of Costume at Spirit Productions Worldwide- 2006-2008
    • Spirit Productions is an international touring dance company with a repertoire of over twenty large scale shows, with multiple productions of each show performing simultaneously worldwide. As Head Of Costume my main responsibility was to costume all new and existing productions. Alongside costuming the shows, I supervised the expansion, development and running of the wardrobe department to be able to cope with the continual demand of an expanding company. Throughout the time I worked at Spirit Productions, the repertoire increased from five to over twelve productions, all with multiple casts.
    • Shows designed and/or supervised for Spirit Productions are listed with my theatre credits

Wardrobe Supervisor     

  • ‘A Chorus Line’- Bronowski Productions, Tel Aviv Performing Arts Center, Israel, October 2011.
    • Directed by Bayork Lee, an original cast member of the world famous Broadway musical. Costumes accurately recreated to the original design by Theoni Aldridge.
  • ‘Bette & Joan’- Ann Pinnington Productions Ltd at The Arts Theatre, London, May-June 2011.
    • New drama imagining the backstage musings of Bette Davis and Joan Crawford during the making of ‘Whatever Happened To Baby Jane’. With Greta Scaachi and Anita Dobson.
  • ‘After Troy’- UK Tour for Lifeblood Theatre, February- May 2011.
    • Ancient Greek drama, chronicling the fate of the women left behind following the destruction of Troy.
  • Rebecca’ - UK Tour for David Pugh Ltd, September-December 2005.
    • Drama based on the bestselling Daphne De Maurier novel. With Nigel Havers. Record breaking UK tour.
  • ‘The Merry Widow’ - UK Tour for Carl Rosa Opera, May-July 2005.
    • Operetta by Franz Lehar. Decadent, glamourous early 20thcentury costume.
  • ‘HMS Pinafore’ – Australia & New Zealand Tour for Carl Rosa Opera, October-December 2004.
    • Gilbert and Sillivan Operetta. Authentic late 19th century costume

Costume Maker

  • The National Theatre - London- Various productions, August 2005.
    • A leading institution of the Arts in Britain, The National Theatre sits at the forefront of the theatre industry in the UK, staging up to six productions, new and classic in repertory at any one time. Based in the costume workroom making and altering costumes for upcoming productions.
  • ‘The Little Princess’ - London Children’s Ballet, April-May 2004.
    • Early 19thCentury male and female period ballet costumes


  • The Fashion & Textiles Program at Yarra Youth Services- 2016-2018- Part Time
    • I facilitated a weekly program for Yarra Youth Services for young persons aged 13-22. The students are taught a variety of skills relating to fashion and textiles including basic and intermediate sewing, pattern cutting, garment construction and techniques such as printing and dying.


  • Wimbledon School Of Art, London, UK- 1999-2002
  • BA Honours; 2:1 in Theatre Design; Costume Design
  • Received Vice Chancellors Annual Prize for Costume Design for ‘Alice In Wonderland & Through the Looking Glass’


  • Australian Permanent Resident Visa
  • Full British and Australian Driving Licence. Own transport.
  • Criminal Records Bureau checked
  • Working With Children Card